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Best Breakfast and Brunch Cafés in Bangkok

Indulging in breakfast or brunch at a café in Bangkok is a truly delightful experience, surrounded by vibrant street scenes, aromatic food stalls, and trendy cafés that seamlessly blend traditional and modern flavors. From bustling markets to chic establishments along Sukhumvit, Sathorn, and Talad Noi, the convergence of bold tastes, lively ambiance, and the city’s unique charm transforms a morning meal into an unforgettable experience. Here, we proudly present our curated list of the top 10 best breakfast and brunch cafés in Bangkok, each promising a delightful journey for the discerning palate.

1. Sarnies: Elevating Breakfast, Brunch to Dinner Heights 

Charoen Krung 44 (BTS Saphan Taksin) Sarnies Bangkok-

Sarnies Sourdough- Charoen Krung 42/1 (BTS Saphan Taksin

1 Soi Ton Son (BTS Phloen Chit)–  Sarnies Roastery- 


Menu Selection 5/5 | Pastries and Desserts 5/5 | Pizzas 5/5
Coffee | Signature Drinks 5/5 

What I appreciate about Sarnies is not only their delicious menu but also the cozy atmosphere in each café, and they have several locations around the city. Our preferred haunts are Sarnies on Charoen Krung 44 and Sarnies Sourdough on Charoen Krung 42/1. The cafes effortlessly fuse East-meets-West aesthetics, housed in charming older buildings with a touch of modern style reflected in their trendy menu. The pastry selection is outstanding, with top-notch quality, especially the Sourdough Croissant and Pistachio Rose Cake, both of which are highly recommended.



2. Rocket Coffee Bar: A Nordic and Scandinavian Inspired-Café

Sathorn 12 (BTS Saint Louis)

 Menu Selection 5/5 | Pastries and Desserts 5/5
 Smoothies and Drinks 4/5 | Coffee 4/5

Rocket Coffebar is more than a café; it’s an inviting experience blending chic Scandinavian design with cozy warmth. The interior features wooden accents and soft lighting, creating a Hygge ambiance. Inspired by Nordic and Scandinavian flavors, their menu offers traditional breakfast delights like Smoked Salmon on Sourdough Toast, Dutch Baby Pancake, and Yogurt Bowls. The café prides itself on pastry perfection, presenting a variety from flaky Croissants to velvety Danish pastries. While Swedish Cinnamon buns are no longer available, Rocket Coffebar still offers a delightful array of pastries. For those embracing a balance of indulgence and wellness, the cafe provides healthy options, including nutrient-packed smoothie bowls and inventive twists on classic favorites, ensuring satisfaction without compromising on health-conscious choices.



3. Not Just Another Cup – Sathorn 10’s go to for Brunch Aficionados

Sathorn 10- BTS Saint Louis

 Menu Selection 5/5 | Pastries and Desserts 4/5 
Smoothies and Drinks 5/5 | Coffee 4/5

Not Just Another Cup is our top choice for brunch or breakfast. My personal favorite is the Grilled Banana Bread with Cottage Cheese, Banana, and Pecan. This dish is a perfect blend of essential elements to kickstart your day—carbs, protein, and fruits. It’s a satisfying combination with just the right amount of sweetness. The cafe also offers fantastic paninis, pastas, and pastries. Additionally, they have an extensive selection of teas, energy-boosting smoothies, and desserts.



4. Siwilai Cafe: Blending Urban Elegance with Hill Tribe Essence

Central Embassy 5th Fl, BTS Chidlom 

Menu Selection 4/5 | Pastries and Desserts 4/5 
Signature drinks 5/5 | Coffee 5/5

Siwilai Cafe, located in Central Embassy and the first Central store in Charoen Krung, is not your typical brunch spot. This unique cafe enhances the brunch experience by infusing authentic hill tribe flavors from Chiang Mai into its dishes. One standout dish is the Slow-Cooked Pork Belly, a delicious twist on the traditional Kai Kata. It’s incredibly tender and bursting with flavors, making it a must-try. As you enter Siwilai Cafe, you’re greeted by a mix of modern sophistication and Thailand’s rustic charm, offering a dish that captures the essence of Thai cuisine. The cozy atmosphere, featuring wooden tables and chairs reminiscent of Scandinavian design, coupled with soft lighting, creates a remarkable place where urban chic meets the soulful essence of Thailand. While they excel in great coffees and smoothies, adding more choices to their side dishes menu would be a fantastic addition.



5. Dean & Deluca: Well-loved and Iconic Signature Dishes 

Central Embassy 3rd Fl, BTS Chidlom

Menu Selection 5/5 | Pastries and Desserts 5/5 | Drinks 3/5 | Coffee 4/5

In January 2015, Dean & DeLuca operated stores in Bangkok, Thailand, known for being high-end grocery stores and cafes. These places were popular for offering a variety of gourmet items like premium coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and high-quality food products. Unfortunately, the grocery aspect of their business changed, and they continued with the restaurants. Dean & DeLuca remains a culinary destination, presenting a diverse menu that suits various tastes. While it mainly features Western dishes, they also cater to Asian preferences. Their menu includes specialty sandwiches like Lobster and Avocado Toast, grilled sandwiches, tuna poke bowls, and freshly baked pastries, providing a delightful experience for visitors.



6. Coffee Club: Indulge in All-Day Breakfast and Brunch Delights

Silom soi Convent (BTS Sala Daeng)

Menu Selection 5/5 | Pastries and Desserts 5/5 | Drinks 4/5 | Coffee 4/5

Since opening in Brisbane in 1989, THE COFFEE CLUB has grown into Australia’s largest home-grown café group, with around 400 stores across 9 countries and over 40 million loyal customers. Their mission is simple: to offer Good Food, Great Service, and Excellent Coffee in a welcoming atmosphere. Renowned for their all-day breakfast and brunch, they meticulously craft each dish with quality imported ingredients. In Thailand, their stores provide a mix of Western and authentic Thai breakfast options, featuring traditional flavors with top-notch ingredients like king prawns, spices, herbs, and flavorful curries. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, THE COFFEE CLUB aims to create a homely environment with familiar flavors to please every palate.



7. Toby’s Sala Daeng: A Brunch Affair Rooted in Australia

Sathorn  soi 2 (BTS Sala Daeng)

Menu Selection 5/5 | Pastries and Desserts 5/5 | Drinks 5/5 | Coffee 5/5

Toby’s in Sala Daeng, with its Australian roots, stands out as a café with a diverse and delectable menu selection, promising a plethora of amazing food and good vibes. Despite a concise dessert menu, each offering is carefully curated and exceptionally delicious. The coffee, a crucial element in any café experience, lives up to expectations with its great quality. The setting at Toby’s is inviting, exuding a nice, calming, and cozy ambiance that enhances the overall dining experience. With a combination of good vibes, delectable dishes, and a comforting atmosphere, Toby’s in Sala Daeng is a delightful destination for those seeking a taste of Australian charm in the heart of Bangkok.



8. Frans: That Cafe You Need To Book in a Month or 2

Sathorn soi 1 MRT Lumpini 

Menu Selection 5/5 | Pastries and Desserts 5/5 
Cold Pressed Juice 5/5 | Smoothies | Coffee 5/5

Tucked near Lumpini Park in the Sathorn area, Fran’s Brunch and Greens is a hidden gem that demands a reservation a month in advance due to its irresistible, albeit heavy, and indulgent offerings. Renowned for its delectable pancakes, sourdough bread, and refreshing strawberry smoothies, Fran’s stands proudly next to the highly acclaimed Vietnamese restaurant, An Com An Ca which happened to be my favorite Vietnamese restaurant well, second actually. My Vietnamese friends cooking happened to be my number 1. 



9. D’ARK: Culinary Artistry That Captivates the Eyes

D’ARK EmQuartier (BTS Phrom Phong)

Menu Selection 5/5 | Pastries and Desserts 5/5 | Teas 5/5 | Coffee 5/5

Since 2015, D’ARK has been devoted to enhancing positive lifestyles and health balance through home-made comfort food and specialty coffee roasted in-house. Their unique restaurant interiors are designed to evoke a home-like atmosphere. With locations such as D’ARK Piman, D’ARK EmQuartier, D’ARK Lab, and D’ARK Iconsiam, each offers distinct experiences, ranging from crisp town-house settings to flagship locations with breathtaking views. D’ARK is deeply ingrained in the neighborhoods it serves, fostering unique communities. It prides itself on being an all-day-dining and socializing destination, providing guests with an expansive menu, open kitchens, roastery, pastry lab, outdoor terraces, and a wellness focus.



10. Carrots : The Vegan Bistro

Ekammai Lifestyle Mall

Menu Selection 5/5 | Pastries and Desserts 5/5 Cold Pressed Juice 5/5 | Smoothies Coffee 5/5

Carrots offers 100% plant-based food, including drinks, cakes, pizza, wine, and more! Dedicated to serving tasty plant-based dishes without compromising on flavor, they cater to various dietary needs. Carrots is available for delivery, dine-in, takeout, events, and catering. With a commitment to environmental sustainability and animal welfare, they infuse these values into everything they do. You’re sure to love their dishes—I personally enjoyed the delicious No Egg Benedicts!


That’s all for today. I hope the photos made you hungry and feeling excited to visit these top 10 Best Breakfast and Brunch Cafés in Bangkok whenever you can or when you have a chance to visit Bangkok!