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Where to get the best Pancakes in Bangkok

My love for pancakes began when I was just a child, around 7 years old. I fondly recall requesting my mom to buy me hotcakes from Jocel’s every Tuesday and Saturday. Occasionally, she would also prepare them at home as our afternoon snack, perfect for dipping in my milk. Moreover, a local lady in my hometown sold pancakes right after school, becoming a delightful routine for my classmates and I on our way home.

What I adore about pancakes is their irresistibly soft texture, and the convenience of rolling them up for on-the-go enjoyment. Each bite evokes a warm and happy feeling, reminiscent of the simple joy from my childhood memories. Nowadays, pancakes have evolved with healthier fillings like blueberries, walnuts, and creative combinations like pairing them with eggs, bacon, and creme fraîche – a perfect way to kickstart the day or weekend.

In Photo #7, you’ll find a homemade Hotteok (Korean Pancake) filled with cinnamon, walnuts, and sugar. I first encountered this delightful treat while visiting Nami Island in South Korea. Despite the chilly weather, the warm aroma from the vendor’s shop enticed me to wait in line for a taste. It was truly worth the wait, and I’ve even mastered making it at home during the last season of the pandemic.

Where to get the best Pancakes in Bangkok


#1 Rocket Coffee Bar - Rocket's pancakes, with blueberries, are the best for me. They are super moist, and the set includes creme fraiche, fresh fruits, maple syrup, and blueberry compote.

#2 Rocket Coffee Bar - The Dutch Baby Pancake is a fantastic addition to the menu. It's very fluffy and just feels so good in every bite.

Location: BTS Saint Louis/Surasak Sathorn Soi 12 | Rocket Coffee Bar 
#3 Fran's- Fran's pancakes are so damn good— so fluffy and moist. Not only do they serve excellent brunch, but the restaurant next door happens to be my favorite. Second, actually, my Vietnamese friend's cooking is the best.
Location: MRT Lumpini/BTS Sala Daeng | Sathorn Soi 1 | Fran's Brunch and Greens 
#4 D'ARK- D'ARK pancakes are also really good, and recently, they have been expanding and opening branches across the city. They also have a great pastry selection and the most beautiful avocado toast in the city, so it is worth a try.
Location: BTS Saphan Taksin/Krung Thonburi | Iconsiam G Floor | D'ARK 
#5 Coffee Club- Coffee Club's Coconut and Banana Pancakes are really good—golden brown crust, moist, and tender. Absolutely delicious!
Location: BTS Phloen Chit | Wireless Road| Coffee Club Thailand

#6 Clinton Baking Company-  Clinton Baking Company used to serve the best pancakes in town; unfortunately, they closed down. I had to include it because they might reopen in the future. If you find yourself in New York City, this place is a must-visit.
Location: Closed permanently.
#7 Homemade Korean Pancakes- I seriously recommend this making at home. Most of the Korean Grocery stores in Bangkok sells the set and all you need to do is follow the instructions. 
Rocket Coffee Bar never disappoints even home delivery is a top notch service!

I am pretty sure there are more cafes that serve great Pancakes and I am still on my journey to discover more options and update this list in the near future. Meanwhile, I hope you can give these cafes a try as I guarantee especially numbers 1-4 are perfect choice.