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Rocket Coffee Bar: A Nordic and Scandinavian Inspired-Café

Rocket Coffebar is more than a café; it’s an inviting experience blending chic Scandinavian design with cozy warmth. The interior features wooden accents and soft lighting, creating a Hygge ambiance. Inspired by Nordic and Scandinavian flavors, their menu offers traditional breakfast delights like Smoked Salmon on Sourdough Toast, Dutch Baby Pancake, and Yogurt Bowls. The café prides itself on pastry perfection, presenting a variety from flaky Croissants to velvety Danish pastries. While Swedish Cinnamon buns are no longer available, Rocket Coffebar still offers a delightful array of pastries. For those embracing a balance of indulgence and wellness, the cafe provides healthy options, including nutrient-packed smoothie bowls and inventive twists on classic favorites, ensuring satisfaction without compromising on health-conscious choices.


Rocket Coffee Bar: A Nordic and Scandinavian Inspired-Café

 Menu Selection 5/5 | Pastries and Desserts 5/5
 Smoothies and Drinks 4/5 | Coffee 4/5


Personally, I believe they craft one of the best croissants in Bangkok. The shape remains intact as you break into it, and it boasts a perfect layer of crust on top that delicately crunches when you bite into it.

The addition of the Dutch Baby Pancake to their menu is a great idea. I couldn’t resist it the moment I saw it. I’ve been eager to try it for a while, and as far as I know, it’s not readily available in most cafes in Bangkok.

Overall, I think Rocket Coffee Bar is one of my top 5 go-to breakfast or brunch cafes that deliver quality and great food.